The Arts

The Arts


Music is an important part of life at Play Loft and we are proud of our Music and Movement program. Each day, our music teacher, spends the day providing an enriched musical experience for the children. The teacher draws on music from around the world and uses a wide variety of instruments such as the Conga, Talking Drum and Tibetan Singing Bowls. He teaches new songs to the children, many of them with lots of actions. Of course, one finds music present at Play Loft on all through the school days. Our teachers sing songs, initiate finger plays and teach various movements to the children. They also incorporate props such as small instruments, drums, scarves and other unique items into their musical presentations.

Visual Arts

Dramatic Arts

Involvement in dramatic activities is a way of bringing out what is inside. Drama encompasses many forms of creative expressions and deals with the process of acting out, or the playing of a role, in an imaginary situation. Drama is integrated into a variety of subject areas to enhance student learning, enhance presentation skills and spark creativity and self-expression.

Visual Arts

Students at Play Loft are given the opportunity to explore and create with a variety of artistic mediums. Students develop their creativity, spatial awareness and fine motor skills through drawing, painting, collage, sculpting and mixed media. Our visual arts activities often correspond to curriculum areas to help students broaden their understanding of the material and appeal to visual and hands-on learners.

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