Throughout the day, teachers will take advantage of care giving experiences which are so important in the early years of life and turn them into meaningful and positive learning experiences. Along with the individual care giving moments, teachers will also plan and organize the school to provide experiences which:


Enhance cognitive development:

  • Cause and effect experiences
  • Language
  • Listening and responding to sounds and voices
  • Problem solving

Social development:

  • Playing among others
  • Positive peer interactions
  • Expressing emotions towards others
  • Responsibility and independence

Planning for young children does not necessarily involve “lessons” but rather opportunities for experiences as individuals. Our programs aims to help the child explore a variety of sounds and objects as they begin to relate to the world around them. In our program we aim to follow the same care your child would receive at home. Our teachers will support your child’s growth and cognitive development. This year-round program offers a curriculum designed to enhance literacy, math, critical thinking environmental awareness and social skills. Using the following:

Handwriting without Tears®
Jolly Phonics/Jolly Grammar®
Jump Math Preschool ®
Play-based Classrooms