Winter/Spring Camps & PA Days

Winter/Spring Camps & PA Days

Exciting events happen during these days at Play Loft. Each P/A Day and each day in our Winter and Spring Camps we will feature one amazing summer camp theme for the children. Our themes offer a wide variety of experiences, such as learning about robotics, animals, science, history, culture and much more…

Spy Camp: Find clues and help us to solve mysterious cases. We need the curiosity of good detectives and some clever investigative work.

Science/Lego Robotic Camp: Discover that the whole world can be a laboratory for learning using Robotics and experiment to explore.

Song and Motion Camp: Dance. Sing. Move. Children who always have music on their minds and those that don’t will love this dancing/musical-themed camp.

Nature and Environment Camp: Explore our natural world, from plants and trees to oceans and the air. Find ou t what our planet gives us and how we care for it.

Other camp themes include building models of solar system and ancient structures out of sand, and exploring the physics of light and gravity, velocity and energy. Our Play Loft Campers will have a choice of different games disigned to challenge their unique interest and skills in new ways, such as Multiples Tic-Tac-Toe, Math Twister, and Fractions War, Scrabble Blast, Word Searches, Once Upon A Time, Name That Tune, Finish the Story and so much more.

Morning care is available for school aged children from 7:50 AM – 8:45 AM.

  • Children enrolled in our afterschool program – $130/week
  • New children not enrolled in our afterschool program – $200/week

We also offer PA-Day camps for school holidays.

  • Children enrolled in our afterschool program – $65/day
  • New children not enrolled in our afterschool program – $75/day

We offer camps for the following times Winter breack and for the Spring Break. Please download form below and contact us for further information.

PA Days
PA Days
PA Days

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