Summer Camp Itinerary 4.5 to 12 Years Of Age

Summer Camp for Children 4.5 – 12

Explore math, science, literature and art beyond textbooks, pencils and paper. We make learning play, and play learning. Our program combines learning with practice through hands-on projects, outdoor play, and even digital games. Your kids will have an unforgettable educational experience through play, which they will not soon forget. We are accepting registration for the Summer of 2019. These camps are offered to children who have attended JK in the 2018-2019 school year.

Preschool Summer Camp Itinerary 2021

Dates Activity
July 05 to July 09 Science Week.
Messy science experiences are the best kind! Campers will learn the magic of science and get their hands dirty to create volcanic eruptions, play dough, “Oobleck” and more
July 12 to July 16 Pokémon Week
Get ready for an adventure in the world of Pokémon! Tap into your inner engineer as we build Pikachu, Poké Balls or bring your own Pokémon trading cards to battle.
July 19 to July 23 Food and Nutrition Week
Learning is sweet with science that you can eat! Campers will learn the science behind edible engineering and will roll up their sleeves to make some delicious treats.
July 26 to July 30 Music & Dance Week
Get ready to shake the sillies out! Campers will exercise their gross motor skills and will be exposed to music and dances from around the world.
August 02 to August 06 Around the World Week (4 day week)
It's a race against time! Campers will explore the age-old cultures and traditions from around the world engaging in arts and crafts, language, music, dance, and more.
Aug 10 to Aug 14 Lego Robotics Week
Adventure is out there! Campers will engage in designing and engineering, testing, and learning about the different components of Lego Robotics.
August 16 to August 20 Artistic Creations Week
Explore your range of creativity! Campers will have the opportunity to express themselves through painting, jewelry making, tie-dying and so much more.
August 23 to August 27 Sports Week
Ready Set Go! Campers will enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor games designed to build concentration, strength, speed, and skill. ***additional field trip fees may apply.

Important Note: Play Loft will be closed from Aug 30 – September 06 inclusively.

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