At Play Loft children have fun while learning with dynamic, hands-on activities.

About play and a child’s development

Research shows that play sharpens the developing mind and boosts creativity. It boosts emotional growth and improves feelings of happiness. When children play, they learn to solve problems, make decisions, express ideas, and recognize boundaries. Contrary to popular wisdom, children who play do better in school and become more successful adults.

Importance of play

Everyone needs play. It is essential to learning, creativity, and discovery. It guides physical, intellectual, and social development. It drives innovation, increases productivity, and contributes to health.

Play is critical to human development

Research supports that play:

  • builds an ability to solve problems, negotiate rules, and resolve conflicts;
  • develops confident, flexible minds that are open to new possibilities;
  • develops creativity, resilience, independence, and leadership;
  • strengthens relationships and empathy; and
  • helps children grow strong healthy bodies and reduces stress.

Children who play do better in school and become more successful adults

Through play children learn to:

  • question, predict, hypothesize, evaluate, and analyze;
  • form and substantiate opinions; and
  • persist through adversity.