We are innovative play, learning center in the heart of the Danforth and Riverdale community. The layout of our preschool allows continuous access to our curriculum and educational philosophy. Chidren also have access to LEGO Learning material. With outstanding staff to child ratios, of never more than eight children per teacher, and sometimes as low as four to one, we feel we can provide an excellent environment for your children in which they will feel sale and secure. Our teachers are fuly ECE or OTC trained, with a passion and commitment to making this a fun and welcoming setting for young children.

Our 2.5-3-year-old class offers an introduction to recognizing letters, nunbers, colors and shapes as wel as learning social and behavioral skils. Gaining an understanding of the wood around them through exploration and hands-on interaction is the focus of our program.

Our 3-4.5-year-old class offer reading and numeracy readiness, thematic lessons and will prepare children for their Kindergarten experiences.

All classes wil be taught to fit the different needs of each child as well as the needs of each age group. We are here to help your child in the following areas:

self-confidence, positive social interactions, manners, independent self-care skills, leadership experiences, language development, fine and gross motor development, A-B-C's, numbers, shapes, colors, math and reading readiness, arts & crafts, dramatic play, music & rhythm ervichment, creative movement, personal safety skills, healthy living choices, community awareness, science (plants/animals/environmental awareness/earth/space/seasons/weather concepcs/etc.) and more!

Our Preschool