Attending Play Loft Learning provides a child with an opportunity for growth in all areas of their development. Throughout the school day, our students engage in learning circle time, free play or structured activities, art, stories, as well as a wide variety of individual and social experiences. Let us look at some of these more closely.

Stories, puppets and dramatic play combine to form a fundamental component of early childhood development and the enriched curriculum at Play Loft Learning. Each day, children will explore language through books. It is our goal to kindle a love of literature within them. Involvement in dramatic activities is a way of getting out what is inside of a child. Drama encompasses many forms of creative expression and deals with the process of acting out or role-playing an imaginary situation. By taking part in make-believe, children are engaged in direct experience using the medium of the whole person – body, voice, mind and motion. These experiences become meaningful and have a positive lingering effect on the child long after the actual event has ended.

It is important to foster positive approaches to the arts, and what better place to do so than in preschool. Children should be encouraged to enjoy the process of creating as much if not more than the results that they achieve. In doing so, their senses are sharpened, and they respond to this heightened awareness with an abundance of ideas.

Children who are fully involved in the creative process will be excited to try new things. One of our objectives at Play Loft Learning is to foster a positive emotional experience for them by enriching their artistic exposure. This answers a child’s need for individual recognition and satisfaction.

A child must master some special skills to be able to read and write. Taking part in dramatic activities requires no obstacles to be overcome and no complex skills to be learned. All children possess the necessary requirements: you can see this in their play long before they start attending school.

Recess (outdoor or indoor) and other exciting gross motor activities form an integral part of our program. Our modern, secure and well-supervised playground provides our students with a wonderful outdoor experience. The activities at Play Loft Learning are balanced between free play and teacher-directed experiences. Children need time to explore their world in their own way, and they also benefit from engaging in activities designed by the teacher. Our continuing commitment to a low teacher/student ratio enables children to make choices, to solve problems and to learn to think independently. The Play Loft Learning curriculum is carefully designed with the understanding that each child is unique. As a result, we provide our students with learning experiences aimed at building and enhancing their skills in all developmental areas.

Experience PlayLoft
Experience PlayLoft