After School Programs will include the following:

Jump Math® (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies)

The Jump Math® program was developed by Dr. John Mighton. Mighton is a mathematician, playwright, university professor and author of, The Myth of Ability: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Every Child (2003), and The End of Ignorance (2007).

As quoted from the Jump website, “Jump Math is a system of learning based on emergent intelligence. Inspired by the work he has done with thousand of students, Mighton shows us why we must not underestimate how much ground can be covered one small step at a time..” In our after school program, much like the Jump® math program we use, students are not passive recipients of knowledge but are actively engaged in generating their own knowledge and understanding. Children are easily overwhelmed by too much new information, and require practice to consolidate skills and concepts. We aim to help children develop the self-confidence needed to improve in, and enjoy mathematics.

Real Science-4-Kids®

Real Science-4-Kids® covers the basics of chemistry, biology, and physics.

This program was developed by Dr. Rebecca Keller, whose background includes a Ph.D in biophysical chemistry. Dr. Keller, who was dissatisfied with the way science was taught in many textbooks, developed the program for her own children. The popularity of her home-schooling program resulted in her developing a wonderful series of textbooks, lab activities and workbooks for preschool, elementary and senior science learners. We were so impressed with her philosophy, explanations, and lab activities that we decided to use the program at Play Loft. Please visit their site at

Reading Mastery®

Our reading improvement program of choice is Reading Mastery®. Reading Mastery has seen a recent resurgence of interest because it is now recognized that children who find reading challenging really do need a structured, repetitive approach to build skill and confidence. The program is also dynamic, which is easily incorporated well in groups, and the stories are fun and engaging.