We understand that finding the right environment for your child takes time. That’s why we have created this guide to help you choose a learning center with a positive, safe, and educational environment. Things to Consider with Play Loft Learning.


  • Is the curriculum based on current research? YES
  • Is the weekly lesson plan posted in each classroom? YES
  • Does the curriculum promote character development and making good choices? YES
  • Does the curriculum promote ACTIVE learning over passive learning? YES
  • Do children seem engaged and excited to learn? YES

Safety & Nutrition

  • Are cameras located in each classroom? YES
  • Are all entrances locked and secured? YES
  • Is the center cleaned daily by a professional cleaning service? YES
  • Are the meals freshly prepared and catered to the center? YES
  • Are toys, manipulatives, and furniture cleaned daily and in good shape? YES
  • Does the center management team conduct hourly child supervision and safety checkpoints in each classroom? YES

Classroom & Facilities

  • Does the center have a warm and inviting environment? YES
  • Does the center introduce and hold Science Labs where students conduct real-life science experiments?YES
  • Does the center have an age-appropriate playground? YES
  • Do classrooms have developmentally appropriate manipulatives and supplies? YES
  • Is there a lunch and snack program? YES
  • Staff, does the staff appear happy, engaged, and warm? YES
  • Do staff members have CPR and First Aid certification? YES
  • Our staff members are offered and are required to attend Professional Development events?YES
  • Does the center have a dedicated music teacher? YES
  • Does the center have a dedicated Education Director? YES


  • Do children take field trips? YES
  • Are the children learning music, art, and social studies? YES
  • Are extracurricular activities offered at the center? YES