Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The philosophy embraced by Play Loft Learning is inspired by approaches to learning that view the child as a capable partner in the acquisition of knowledge and play as a fundamental component in healthy child development.

Play Loft’s Educational Philosophy

Play and learning go hand in hand, each building upon the other, and together they help children develop socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

  • Learning happens when there is an emotionally safe climate and a rich, stimulating environment.
  • Learning happens when meaning is constructed from an array of information or from an experience.
  • Learning happens when learners know and can ask for what they need to assist in their process and can make choices based on their learning preferences and interests.
  • Learning happens when products are created or performances produced that allow children/learners to apply what they have learned to new situations.
  • Learning happens when offered opportunities to reflect.

Play Loft’s programs and play center are aligned with the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the Ontario Ministry of Education Learning Standards.  Play Loft is committed to helping children incorporate learning through play.

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