Early Education Builds A Solid Learning Foundation

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The philosophy embraced by Play Loft Learning is inspired by approaches to learning that view the child as a capable partner in the acquisition of knowledge and play as a fundamental component in healthy child development.

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Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

I would like to welcome you to PlayLoft Learning.
Our web site is filled with useful information to help you become better acquainted with our school and us. Learning and education is a vital part of a child’s life.

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    Our Staff

    • Rhydima Deshpande

      Rhydima Deshpande

      I am Rhydima Deshpande, the principal and a preschool and after school teacher at Play Loft.

    • Valentina Blass

      Valentina Blass

      I am Valentina Blass, a preschool and kindergarten teacher at Play Loft.

    • Vicky Mpampatsikos

      Vicky Mpampatsikos

      I am Vicky Mpampatsikos, a preschool certified degree Montessori teacher at Play Loft.

    • Oleg Michnevich

      Oleg Michnevich

      I am Oleg Michnevich, an assistant teacher in the preschool and after-school program at Play Loft.

    • Despina Polymeris

      Despina Polymeris

      I am Despina Polymeris, a controller at Play Loft, responsible for all financial and accounting activities.

    • Emmanuel Opoku

      Emmanuel Opoku

      I am Emmanuel Opoku, an assistant teacher in the afterschool program at Play Loft.

    • Khalida Afzer

      Khalida Afzer

      I am Khalida, a preschool program teacher at Play Loft.

    • Ravneet Kaur

      Ravneet Kaur

      I am Ravneet Kaur, a toddler teacher at Play Loft.

    • Andrew Dodington

      Andrew Dodington

      I am Andrew Dodington a preschool teacher at Play Loft.

    • Carida Chaderton

      Carida Chaderton

      I am Carida Chaderton a preschool teacher, currently working in the full day preschool program.

    • Nguyen Huynh

      Nguyen Huynh

      Hi my name is Nguyen Huynh and I am currently working as a preschool and kindergarten teacher at Play Loft.

    • Harmandeep Kaur

      Harmandeep Kaur

      I am a recent registered early childhood educator and have a diploma from Northern College.

      Parent Testimonials

      • P.T.

        The learning philosophies Play Loft subscribes to are unique and provide the children with strategies to solve problems and embrace learning, something that is an integral part of early learning.
      • P & C

        Play Loft provides an incredibly warm and enriching environment for our children. The teachers really know and understand our children's personalities and preferences, and this allows them to not only foster emerging abilities but, focustheir attention on specific skills requiring development.
      • L.

        We have been delighted and impressed with Play Loft. Play Loft provides a warm and nurturing environment and has allowed both our children to grow socially and academically. The entire staff are considerate and caring, and a pleasure to deal with at all times.
      • T.F. & G.M.

        Play Loft has contributed significantly to our child's growth both academically and emotionally. We feel so fortunate that our son's first educational experience has been in such a nurturing and inspiring learning environment as Play Loft.
      • I.M.

        The growth we have seen in our daughter - both academically and socially - since coming to Play Loft has been phenomenal. As parents, we love sending her to school every day knowing she is being nurtured and engaged by everyone at the school, not just her teachers!
      • C.R. & J.H.

        The teachers are all dedicated to providing a warm and inspiring environment for the children at the school. Their genuine love for children and teaching has made a lasting impression on our son, our daughters and our family.
      • F.D.

        There are many things I love about Play Loft. The environment is clean, fresh modern, nurturing and encouraging, yet the children learning is held to a high standard both, cognitive and socially.
      • I.G.

        Our entire family has found an incredible, supportive community in this school..

      We are innovative play, learning center in the heart of Danforth

      Play Loft provides a unique program for children combining Reggio Emilia Approach and Montessori to play-based learning opportunities with emergent curriculum, both of which follow the interests ofthe child. Play Loft is a creative play based learning centre for all minds. Read more..
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