Play Loft is an unsupervised under surveillance birthday party facility. We are only renting the space to parents/guardians, caregivers and to their guest for the duration of their time. They are solely responsible for the safety and conduct of themselves and their children while in our facility.

Although every consideration has been given to the safety of the children and for the adult’s in our space, we are not responsible for any injury that may occur resulting from safe or unsafe play or any use of any equipment. This equipment is not limited to only those used in the play area, but any area at PlayLoft, sitting or standing, the responsibility of any injury incurred lies solely on those procuring the space.

Play Loft is entirely free from any liability, including monetary responsibility for such injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence or not.

Listed requirements by Play Loft.

  • Socks only in the playground.
  • Indoor shoes are worn always in the other part of our building.
  • NO eating or drinking in the playground.
  • All food and drink must stay in the designated party area.
  • NO gum chewing while playing in the playground.
  • NO alcohol is permitted when renting the space.
  • Children must go down the slides one at a time, feet first.
  • This is a nut free environment hence all food brought in the space should be void of nuts.
  • Book, games and any display items are Play Loft property and any loss or damage incurred during the party will need to compensate by the hosts renting the space.
Birthday Rules
Birthday Rules