Play Loft started with a specific vision in mind. We wanted a community learning centre which would match our ideals about life long learning, child care, recreation, social development and creativity. When you and your children walk through our doors, we want you to feel as if our beautiful school is also your space. Play Loft is a creative play based learning centre for all minds. Yes, we are a preschool, but that’s not all. Our after school and evening programs are numerous. We offer improvement programs in math, science, and language, at all grade levels. We incorporate Jump Math, Real Science 4 Kids, and the direct instruction, English Mastery program. Additional programs in chess, music, French, Yoga and Meditation are also available. We have a lovely in-door recreation area for children’s parties, and space for rental for private functions.


Play Loft is a preschool committed to providing exceptional education and child care services to families. Play Loft provides a unique program for children combining Reggio Emilia Approach to play-based learning opportunities with emergent curriculum, both of which follow the interests of the child. The program focuses on developing skills outlined in the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings), How Does Learning Happen and Ontario Kindergarten curriculum. Play Loft’s routine allows for play based learning and hands on guided activities and lessons that focus on literacy and mathematics and school readiness skills, while fostering independence, social, intellectual, emotional, and cognitive skills within a safe, stimulating, and in an inclusive environment.


Play Loft provides quality preschool program that will encourage a love of learning at a young age. Children will have the opportunity to explore and learn about their world around them through guided, exciting and hands on activities in combination with learning through play. Our aim is to be recognized as providing the highest quality of early childhood programming, in a nurturing play-based environment.

Our Objectives

Play Loft’s main objective is to help the child develop in the social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive areas. This can best be accomplished by providing children with opportunities to participate successfully in activities that match their individual stage of development. Our activities promote building self-confidence by developing a sense of responsibility for controlling behaviour, solving problems independently and playing and interacting positively with their peers.

We want your feedback. If you have ideas to help us improve, or suggestions about programs we could offer, please let us know.

We are parents as well as educators, and we have high standards for ourselves and our children. We aim to make our programs rigorous, engaging, effective and fun. We want to be the best that we can be for you and your children.

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Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.

Diane Ackerman - Contemporary American author
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