Physical Development

Physical Development

Our programs include physical education and gross motor development. Children take part in gross motor activities daily. Gross motor development will include running, jumping, using objects in different ways, balancing, etc. Physical education takes place every day for those registered in our full-day program, of course this is depending on the weather. The children are taught specific skills such as ball handling and eye-hand coordination, with a focus team building and healthy living.

Yoga for children

Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future. Yoga at Play Loft is an excellent way to teach the children a universal method to self-regulate and ready their brains and bodies for learning. Yoga is first introduced in the pre-school program and is practiced also in our afterschool program. Our yoga instructor is Rhydima Deshpande.

Hands-On Projects

At Play Loft Camp, we have created a host of hands-on activities and projects. These include building models of the solar system and ancient structures out of sand, and exploring the physics of light and gravity, velocity and energy. Kids will enjoy building their own simple machines using our LEGO Robotics®. Our Lego robotics instructor is Oleg Michenevich.

Campers in art and literacy will have the opportunity to write their own stories and poems, or other creative pieces and present their ideas to others. Kids will take home the crafts and art they may create. Your kids will get their minds and bodies in motion as they explore concepts such as force, energy and how thing move. Campers will learn about the universe around them, from the tiniest of particles to galactic superstructures

Board Games & Puzzles

Our Play Loft Campers will have a choice of different games designed to challenge their unique interest and skills in new ways, such as Multiples Tic-Tac-Toe, Math Twister, and Fractions War, Scrabble Blast, Word Searches, Once Upon A Time, Name That Tune, Finish the Story and so much more.

Digital Games

Virtual environments are a great way to play and learn mathematics and build intuition and comprehension around numbers. With literacy, computers help with learning new words and composing stories. Multimedia, including video, is used in science to help our Campers understand how things work.

Physical Development

Physical Activity
Physical Activity
Physical Activity

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